Accent Modification/Accent Reduction Therapy

With dedication and practice, you can learn how to change the way you pronounce words. Changing your accent is known as accent modification or accent reduction. While it can be very difficult to change your accent on your own, a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) can help.
Why Should I Participate in Accent Modification/Accent Reduction Therapy?
The purpose of accent modification/accent reduction therapy is to train non-native speakers of English to speak with an American accent. In doing so, communication is enhanced as the non-native speaker becomes easier for others to understand.

Who is Accent Modification/Accent Reduction Therapy For?

Accent modification/accent reduction therapy helps a variety of clients including:

  • Individuals who are English as a second language (ESL) speakers.
  • American speakers who wish to modify their regional accent.
  • Actors who are required to learn a new accent for a role.
  • Professionals who wish to communicate better in a business setting.
  • Non-native English speakers who wish to improve intelligibility in order to enhance their interactions with others. 
How Does Accent Modification/Accent Reduction Therapy Work?
Speech therapy for accent reduction/modification focuses largely on lessening or eliminating differences in the pronunciation of individual sounds, the rhythm of speech and where stress is placed on words. 

While accent modification therapy does not typically cause the non-native speaker to sound like a native American speaker, accent reduction therapy does result in clearer, more understandable speech and improved communication. 

This improved communication naturally allows for more effective business and personal interactions in English and increased self-confidence. 


What are the Benefits of Accent Modification Therapy with a trained Speech-Language Pathologist?

The benefits to accent modification therapy with a trained Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) are many.

Following an evaluation, the SLP determines an individualized therapy plan, based solely on the client’s individual needs, desires and interests. In doing so, the SLP is able to maximize her client’s progress and focus the client’s effort and attention where it is needed most.

In addition, weekly accent modification speech therapy sessions with an SLP enable the treatment plan to be modified as necessary to ensure that the individual needs and interests of the client are being met.

As such, the client receives services that are tailored to his or her requirements by a highly-trained professional  so that client’s therapy and home practice time may be optimally focused on her or his goals.

What Can I Expect/How Does Online Accent Modification Therapy Work?
Your Voice Clinic’s online accent modification sessions are one-on-one with a trained Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). Sessions are typically once a week, for one-hour, but this can be modified to meet your needs and schedule. 


The accent modification curriculum is completely customized to your goals and needs. Clients are expected to attend all sessions and practice for approximately one-hour per day when not in session to ensure the best outcomes. Clients that attend sessions and practice daily can typically expect to attain clear, understandable speech following therapy.

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